The Telltales


Sorry for the places dear
that you will never go
I’m sorry for the heartache
that you’ll know—my little one

Sorry for the help my dear
that you will surely need
I’m sorry for the tears
you’re gonna bleed
My little one, it comes to everyone

Should be words of comfort dear
to temper what I tell
Could say I’m gonna make the sickness well
Or when you want a hiding place
I will be the dark
And when the waters rise
I’ll be your ark —your spark

But that’s the stuff of stories dear heroics all untrue
The only one to face these things is you
My little one

I’m sorry that the world is so
and I can’t shield you from
All the stuff that’s gonna turn out wrong
My little one, it comes to everyone

If I could hide you from these things
you know I’d be the dark
And when the waters rose I’d be your ark —your spark

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Music and lyrics: Toby Roberts. Instrumentation: The Telltales. Recording: Steve Shipley, Lemon Studios, 2004. Produced by The Telltales and Steve Shipley. Mastering: William Bowden. All recordings ©2004 Will Belford, Peter Gifford, Mark Roberts, Toby Roberts (The Telltales). All compositions (lyrics & music) ©2000-2004 Toby Roberts. Painting: from Pieter Brueghel’s Haymaking and Tower of Babel, reproduced courtesy of the State Reference Library, State Library of New South Wales.