The Telltales

Cornflower Girl

My cornflower girl
She blooms in Spring
And ever the fool was I
For wild things

She’ll face one way and then
Change with the breeze
No use trying to tame
She’ll do as she please

Why don’t you grow here
And why don’t you stay
Fill up my garden
At least until May
Why don’t you grow here
And why don’t you stay
My cornflower girl
My cornflower girl

I could watch her all day
Those colours so fine
A warring impulse in me
I want her for mine

But I know I cannot own
Things of her kind
To keep her blooms within walls
It would be a crime

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Music and lyrics: Toby Roberts. Instrumentation: The Telltales. Recording: Steve Shipley, Lemon Studios, 2002. Produced by The Telltales and Steve Shipley. Mastering: William Bowden. All recordings ©2004 Will Belford, Peter Gifford, Mark Roberts, Toby Roberts (The Telltales). All compositions (lyrics & music) ©2000-2004 Toby Roberts. Photo: Dean Dampney.