The Telltales


I’m told that you die and that’s that
In a godless world death is black
When the lights go out all you are
Is gone like a burnt out star

Nothing left from this flashing spark

But I don’t see how or why
When we’re swept up into the sky
And scattered wide ’cross the seas
That life after death can’t be
Seen in the air and trees

In rotting I feed roots that then breathe me free

As I break up into small parts
I go to feed leaves, wood, bark
First into sap, a tree’s veins
Next into gas then rain
Released through the leaves I change

Always part of a sum that’s just re-arranged

And a comforting thought for me
Is that years from now maybe
I may fall as a drop on high
To meet with your upturned eye

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Music and lyrics: Toby Roberts. Instrumentation: The Telltales. Recording: Steve Shipley, Lemon Studios, 2002. Produced by The Telltales and Steve Shipley. Mastering: William Bowden. All recordings ©2004 Will Belford, Peter Gifford, Mark Roberts, Toby Roberts (The Telltales). All compositions (lyrics & music) ©2000-2004 Toby Roberts. Photo: Dean Dampney.