The Telltales

Flying Juice

You’re old enough to try this now
Said father to his boy
But you must give your vow
Don’t use it like a toy

It’s magical and mystical
’Twill lift you off the ground
Fly you up among the clouds
Where wind’s the only sound

Take a sip but not one more
For some have come to grief
From drinking more than needs
To bring them sweet relief

Free to fly, free to go
Wave good bye
Free to fly, free to go
Fly fly, fly fly

The boy he took the cup
From his father’s hand
Took a tiny careful sip
And soon the spell began

His feet they floated off the ground
And to his Dad he cried
I am no longer bound
I’m heading for the sky

With a whirl and happy spin
He shot into the air
And left behind all things
Like work and pain and care

Free to fly, free to go
Wave good bye
Free to fly, free to go
Fly fly, fly fly
Every day from that day on
He drank more precious brew
Every day flew higher still
As flying sickness grew

His father wept and cried aloud
Return to those you love
But his voice came only soft
To the boy so high above

Now the boy remains up there
Among the distant stars
A smile still on his lips
His body cold and hard

Free to fly, free to go
Wave goodbye
Free to die, free to go
Bye bye, bye bye

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Music and lyrics: Toby Roberts. Instrumentation: The Telltales. Recording: Steve Shipley, Lemon Studios, 2002. Produced by The Telltales and Steve Shipley. Mastering: William Bowden. All recordings ©2004 Will Belford, Peter Gifford, Mark Roberts, Toby Roberts (The Telltales). All compositions (lyrics & music) ©2000-2004 Toby Roberts. Photo: Dean Dampney.